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In today’s economy, hiring the best employees is more important than ever. A Small Business can’t afford to lose time, money and results from a bad hire. Recruitment Agencies and Employment agencies are equipped to assisting you with the best candidates on the market. With the latest technology, Staffix Professional Staffing in Georgetown has client’s right across Canada

Finding the right candidate is about more than just assessing their skills, education and experience. Although these are vitally important, one of the main determining factors in whether or not an employee will stay with you for the long-term is whether their personality and values fit your business. This is very hard to determine at the interview stage and can only be discovered once the new employee has worked with the organization for a few months. If you are currently working with a recruitment agency or recruitment company, make sure you are protected with a reasonable guarantee.

Staffix Professional Staffing offers industry leading rates and guarantees to all of their clients. We have experience recruiting individuals in entry level to “C” level positions and have experience placing individuals in the following departments; Sales, IT, Operations, Accounting, Losgistics etc. The next time you are looking for a recruitment partner, Call Staffix Professional Staffing to assist you with the right hire!