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Staffix Professional Staffing has proven track record of building, hiring and managing successful teams.  We work extremely well with small to mid-size companies and have partnered with large companies with internal recruiting teams.  We understand that most recruitment projects can be handled internally and you wouldn’t require a recruitment agencies or recruitment partners in the early stages of the job search.  We are different than other recruitment companies who simply post the jobs on all the major job boards hoping that they will get that right applicant to apply to their job posting.

Staffix is not just a recruitment company, we are your recruitment partner and will work really close with the hiring manager to understand the fit you are looking for.  We will post your job opening on major job boards, search Linkedin, twitter and other social media sites.  Where we really add value is picking up the phone and calling leading talent in your respective industry.  We will only present accredited and available candidates, allow us to quickly identify and isolate the ideal candidates to fill your staffing needs.

Staffix commitment is to help our clients identify, recruit, and retain top-tiered career professionals within all levels of management leadership positions, business development, sales, marketing, operations, IT, and human resource based opportunities. Our client profiles range from independently owned businesses to multi-national Fortune 500 companies. We understand that companies need to modify their business solutions to reflect change.  At Staffix, we listen and embrace change and adapt to our client’s and candidate’s needs